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smilehome1.gif (2925 bytes)   Premium Bathing System 
Makes pet washing so easy!

The Hanvey Bathing Beauty dog washing system is a professional power dog wash system that will bathe your dog in less time and with less stress for you and your dogs. Believe it or not, even the dogs will enjoy it.


Demo Video

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Bathe with "no hand scrubbing"!

Unedited messages from professional pet groomers.

Kathy says, "Oh my, am I impressed."

Yeah I finally got my bathing beauty. Only problem was I had finished all (of my) bath dogs for the day so I begged one of the techs to borrow her dogs . Oh my am I impressed.  All these years saying I don't need one. Well shut my mouth. It is great!... I think the hardest thing was to NOT hand scrub the dog. I kept wanting to so badly . I think I might have hand to dog withdrawal. Thanks Curtis!  I love my new Bathing Beauty.                 Kathy in KY

Dot says, "I simply love it!"
I have had my Bathing Beauty for awhile now. I simply love it! It makes bathing so ...simple and it really gets the dogs clean. I had a real test... last week. I got an old chow that had been living under the house for two years. She had the worst mess you ever saw. I swear there was a full inch layer of dirt and debris on her skin under all that hair! I did not want to touch her with clippers as it would have ruined them. The owner wanted what was best for her and as she was 11, tail bald, her hair not so thick anymore just matted (what there was of it), I decided to save it. I put her in the tub and I bathed her with the Bathing Beauty! She stood there and loved it. When I finished getting the mud out, I changed the water ...again and added some demat conditioner to the water and rinsed awhile with that. ...I had her sparkling clean, not a mat any where and looking and feeling so good! I charged this lady $100.00 for this job and she did not blink an eye just wrote the check for 120.00...
I love the Bathing Beauty !

Dot *who loves her Bathing Beauty* (can you tell?)




A message from our Engineer, Curtis Hanvey.


Hand Pet Washing vs Machine Assisted Washing
By Curtis Hanvey
Equipment Design Engineer


At a recent grooming trade show (the Atlanta Pet Fair, I met a professional pet groomer who asked me a very good question. This is a true story that I'll quote as well as I remember.  It went something like this:

Groomer -  " I understand that you always start each bath with clean water with a small amount of shampoo and/or conditioner added so each dog does get a clean, fresh bath BUT aren't you washing the dog in dirty water when the shampoo water starts to look dirty?"

Curtis -  "As I was designing the four different bathing systems, this particular design prompted me the think the same thing but I had to remind myself that almost all types of soap based cleansing systems do this.  Think about it.  Do you consider your dishes or clothes to be clean after they are MACHINE washed? Ever seen pictures of the old fashioned hand washing methods where people washed their clothes by hand in a river or wash tub? When the washing machines first came out I'm sure the very same question came up."

Groomer - " Yeah.  I see where you are going.  Go ahead."

Curtis - " Open your dish washer during the "WASH" cycle. Open the washing machine during the wash cycle when you are washing your clothes. What do you see?"

Groomer smiling big - "It's dirty."

Curtis - "It better look dirty or the soap is not doing its job. You have to remember that the only purpose of the wash cycle is to release the dirt and doggy oils from the dog's coat and suspend it in the water. After using the Bathing Beauty to wash the coat,  you use your regular water spray to rinse the dog with fresh, clean water to flush the dirty wash water down the drain. 

The fresh water RINSE is what actually does the final cleansing.  To make things even better, rinsing is very fast because the shampoo is added to the water rather than directly into the dog's coat like you do when you wash the old way.  This means that the washing cycle is not as harsh on your hands or the dog's skin and the rinsing is more thorough and completed in a fraction of the time compared to the old fashion methods.  In short, time is saved because the rinse out of the shampoo is more effectively and complete in less time.

So if you still don't think a Bathing Beauty can clean a dog's coat then you need to start hand scrubbing your clothes in your shower and washing dishes in the sink.  How much water and soap do you think you would waste doing that with clothes? Or even worse, go figure how hard hand washing would be on YOU.

Groomers who have used a Bathing Beauty view hand washing a dog as the hard old fashion way that simply takes too long, uses too much water and is  unnecessary hard work. 

One more thought. Where does the dirt go while you are hand scrubbing a dog the old fashion way? It doesn't magically disappear!  does it?"

Groomer - " Hmmmmm.   I'm just scrubbing the same dirt and oil into the coat while I'm hand scrubbing so technically the shampoo is dirty while I'm washing the dog either way.  So the old way I have dirty shampoo being scrubbed into the coat and the new way I have the dirt away from the dog's coat in shampoo water.  Almost the same thing except one is a lot easier to rinse away. Never thought about it that way that.  Ok! I'll take one."


This simple way of explaining how the Bathing Beauty system works always clears the air and helps my new clients understand how this amazing pet bathing system can simplify their work day and make their job easier plus allow them to do more dogs per day with the huge time savings. 

Now that you know, you have to decide which way you want to wash dogs for the rest of your grooming career.

Thank you,

Curtis Hanvey





 Now that you have been given this knowledge, every time your back and hands start to ache while giving that dog an old fashion bath,  you will remember this web page and realize how hard it is to hand bathe a dog.

For your sake, please print this page and save it so you can find us when you need us most.

The only cure?

You have to get a Bathing Beauty and find out for yourself how much it can help you! If you are not convinced, call us and send it back for a full price refund.



Bathing Beauty tm
How Does It Work?
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1. The Bathing Beauty's high volume higher pressure water flushing action eliminates almost all hand and "Finger Scrubbing"! The dogs love not having fingers pushed into their skin.

  Dogs Love the Massage Action!

One added benefit from using a Bathing Beauty... hydro-massage,  dogs love the idea that ten fingers are not digging into their skin and getting on their nerves. Just like you, they love the warm, higher pressure water flow working their muscles. In fact many groomers use the system to hydro-massage their sore hands and wrists to make them feel better.  The wonders of water massage! Dogs love it!

2. The Bathing Beauty eliminates the constant adjustment of water temperature you  experience with conventional bathing.

One more hassle eliminated. After running the 1-2 gallons of warm water into the bathing tub, the water temperature can NOT fluctuate like it does coming out of your faucet.  Save hot water and allows you to wash the dog for long periods of time if needed to remove stubborn dirt if required.

3. Save money on your hot water bill!

Reduce hot water consumption by 1/2 or more.

4. Reduce shampoo usage and save money!
5. Make more money! Not only will you groom more dogs in less time, you will also  earn more money by offering a new hydro-massage "add-on" service!

You can "massage" the dogs with the water flow. They will love it!

YES! Your dogs will have fewer "pee" and "poo" accidents during their visit.

Your dogs will be more relaxed for the entire visit. Your dogs will enjoy the fact that there are no human fingers digging into their sides to scrub coatWhen you see a dog benefit from this hydro massage therapy you can start offering the added massage time for the client for an additional service fee and make $3 to $15 more per treated dog. You decide on the fee.

6. The Bathing Beauty's soapy water spray "melts" into the coat quickly!

Since the water has shampoo mixed in it, the soapy water will break down the surface tension on the dogs coat. The soapy solution will soak down to the skin and start lifting dirt and grim without pre-wetting the coat.

7. Much Faster Rinsing Cycles!

This is the Huge time saver!  Since the shampoo/water mixture is very uniform, the rinse cycle is completed much faster. Rinsing can be completed in half the normal time or less.

It's a Myth......

It's a myth! Hydro power bathers are not intended to use the same water on multiple dogs.  We have been asked about multiple dog washing and know that some people think you use the same water on different dogs. 

The water is drained away during the dog's rinse cycle and fresh water is used for the next dog.
Wash. Drain. Wash again if needed. Rinse.


How Much Does It Cost?



Bathing Beauty tm Hydro-Massage Bathing System

To order call toll free - 1-866-281-9593

Note: For PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.   A Hanvey Engineering web site.


Want More Info?

If you are like most groomers who can't get "Too Much" information before they purchase, scroll down to the lower part of this page for more detailed information.


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More about the Bathing Beauty design.

The Bathing Beauty hydro-massage power bather system is designed and engineered beyond anything you may have seen or used before. The Bathing Beauty spray nozzle has a special spray pattern designed to lift and flush out the worst coats.  Notice how the hair fluffs out as the shampoo water is forced into the coat on the short video on this page. Other brand spray nozzles simply "brush" water through the coat.  Here are a few key features to keep in mind while you research bathing systems.


zipbatherpump.jpg (9696 bytes)The Bathing Beauty tm Pump

1.  High Flex, High Comfort Bathing Hose -  Bathing Beauty is the first bathing system with a pump that cannot be tipped over by the bathing hose. Be aware that the rigid hose used on other systems will pull over any bather. The Bathing Beauty has a high flex hose system that will not tip the bather. Also be aware that some competing bather systems attach their hose to the top of their pump which typically will require you to do something to keep the pump upright while in use. Not so with your Bathing Beauty's low elevation hose connection port. The low elevation hose port in combination with the high flex hose virtually make tipping impossible.

2.   The Bathing Beauty  pump will self-prime and operate with a minimum amount of water in your tub, as low as 1/8" deep. 

3.   The Bathing Beauty has a supplemental all stainless steel screen hair filtering system that is "Self Slaking" for easy cleaning. No picking hair out of this filter!

4.   The motor is "Thermally Protected".  If you accidentally  leave the pump running with no water in the tub, the pump will shut off when the temperature sensor inside the pump motor indicates the motor is 160 degrees. The motor can not power back up until the temperature drops below 130 degrees at which time power will resume and the temperature will cycle between 160-130.  The motor will get very warm to the human touch but only reach a  temperature that is well under a temperature that can cause anything to burn.

5.   The oil encased motor protects the motor through out its long life.

6.   The heavy duty all aluminum housing gives you many years of bathing service and has enough weight to prevent the pump from being easily knocked over while in use. Non-commercial grade plastic "angel" brand  pumps simply can't "stand up" to this.

7.   Rust Proof - The Bathing Beauty has a fiberglass reinforced plastic pump rotor and water flow chamber that can never corrode.

Shock Shield (tm) and
Air Switch Control Module

We only use parts that are UL recognized.

1. UL recognized GFCI  protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) comes with each and every Bathing Beauty.

The Bathing Beauty Air Switch Control Module should be mounted on the wall within 8 feet of the tub but not directly above the tub. Attach the footswitch air tub to the control module for a safe, non-electrical air tube activated foot switch. This also gives you hands free control of the system.

 Variable Flow Hi-Flex tm Bathing Hose Assembly

The Hanvey Hi-Flex Bather Hose is a huge improvement over the traditional, stiff, high density washing machine style bathing hoses.
zipbatherhose.jpg (6771 bytes)

The Hi-Flex hose is much  easier on your wrists especially while bathing the underside and back side of your doggy "Clients".

It comes with a specially designed spray head that has a variable flow control valve so you can vary the bathing pressure from near 1/2 gallons per minute to a blasting high flow of approximately 10 gallons per minute of dirt, flake, scale and scab removal power. If you need the ultimate in "Flushing Power", remove the sprayer head and control valve for a major blasting power of 16 gallons per minute!

Reduce the flow to 1/2 gallons per minute for face cleaning.

Use the maximum flow setting for a hydro massage action that the dog will love and enjoy! 

footswitchweb.jpg (9962 bytes)Hand or Foot Air Switch

A heavy duty air switch for a hands free operation and non-electric switch activation that turns your Bathing Beauty off or on.  The "Pneumatic"(air) foot pedal contain an internal bellows which, when pressed, sends a pulse of air through a tube to our air switch control module located away from the tub.


WATERPROOF! and easy to install on the wall, front of the tub or in the tub.  You decide where it best suits your needs.


How Much Does It Cost?



Bathing Beauty tm Hydro-Massage Bathing System

To order call toll free - 1-866-281-9593


 Click here to visit our testimonial page or visit and visit their posting bulletin board and search for Bathing Beauty to hear what groomers have to say about the system and Hanvey Specialty Engineering.


Remember, we have a 30 day return policy on the Bathing Beauty. If it does not meet your expectations, you can return it for a full refund less shipping and handling.


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