Clipper Vacuum Patent History

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Some interesting clipper vacuum patent History


 If anyone tries to tell you that they invented clipper vacuum technology, check this out.

KEANE Pat # 3797111, 1974..... The Patent with the revolutionary "Hose Over" your hand design. "Hose Over" is now public domain. This head even has an adjustable suction opening to help control the air flow.

The Next design......

Romani Clipper Vac * Pat. # 5088199, 1992 ...most of you will recognize this design.

This patent basically protects the regulator "Flap" design located on top of the clipper. It does not patent the "Hose Over" design. The Hanvey vacuum systems do not use the "Flap" design. never has, never will, never wanted to.


Crane Patent # 4843717, 1989..

This kind of reminded me of the Flow-bee for some reason??!!




If anyone can claim they are an inventor of clipper vacuum technology it would could be Wahl.

 They have been working on designs since the '60's. The patent below is one of their more recent designs. So Hats off to Wahl!

Wahl Pat.# 3485435, 1994

By the way. This design is what we call a flush body mount design where the hose comes off the back of the clipper rather than "Hose Over" your hand like the Taxi Vac or Hairvac . Since women dominate the grooming market and most women have smaller hands , the "hose over" design is typically the most comfortable design because it does not change the groomer's grip nor does it make the clipper body larger than it already is.




NEXT....My Favortite!!! Yeah Right!

In 1978 Patent # 4077122, 1978.....

Edwards designed this odd looking clipper vacuum attachment. It's not too hard to see why this design is not still around

Now that the history is better known, it is very clear that we are just playing one big part in the continuing evolution of a half century old technology that has proven to be a truly amazing, profit making tool in the artistic hands of a Professional Pet Groomer.

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