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On the Cutting Edge of Grooming Evolution!

Replacement Grooming Table Tops

Note: LIPSystem Grooming Support sold Separately

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1.  Heat fitted, pebble finish covering will last for many years of tough duty service and seals surface from water penetration.

2. The top is 1" thick, not the old industry standard of 3/4"! We found 3/4" plywood was too easy to flex and bow under the load of heavy dogs. 1" costs us more but it is worth the quality improvement. (look at the picture and see the quality difference.)

3.  Non-ribbed, "pebble finish", very easy to clean, non-skid surface that out performs all other surfaces. Eliminates the old style, metal trimmed, "Ribbed" mat that collects "gunk" in the rib edges and under the edge trim.

4.  Four Colors: Including the "Groomer preferred", high contrast "Comfort Blue" that makes any color of hair easy to see. Stop straining your eyes!

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5.  No plastic trim to fall off and no metal trim with screws to snag your uniform or damage the wall next to the table.

6.  The wood substructure is never exposed to water at the edges due to wrap fit. You have seen what happens when water gets in the edge of trimmed wood tops.

Comes standard in "Rounded Corner" rectangular top only but custom sizes and shapes are available.



Grooming Table Tops

42"x24" - $125*
36"x24" - $125

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